7 Proven Best Health Benefits of Badam Pisin (Badam Resin / Almond Gum)

health benefits of Badam Pisin
health benefits of Badam Pisin

Indian culture has always placed a high value on using home remedies to address a variety of medical conditions. One of these potent home remedies, there are various health benefits of badam pisin which is known for its wide range of practical applications.

Badam Pisin is also referred to as almond or badam gum. In India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, it is very well-liked. It is known as Badam Pisin in Tamil. It is referred to as Badam Gondh in Hindi and as Almond Gum and Almond Resin in English. It is a natural gum that has many therapeutic uses and good health advantages. Reduced body heat and weight loss are benefits of it. Almond gum is a common ingredient in jigarthanda drinks and transforms into jelly when soaked in water.

This edible gum is a result of the metabolism of the almond tree. In this post, we’ll talk about the advantages of badam pisin and how you may use it in recipes to add it to your diet.

What is Badam Pisin?

Badam Pisin, a natural gum, is derived from almond trees. Badam Pisin, sometimes referred to as almond gum and badam gondh, offers numerous health advantages. The sweet almond tree, from which Badam Pisin is derived, is native to Iran and Southwestern Asia, and it may be found in both India and Pakistan.

Prunus Dulcis is the botanical name for badam pisin. It is transparent and has a pale yellow or light brown hue.

Health Benefits of Badam Pisin

How Do We Get Badam Pisin?

The gum from sweet almond trees oozes out and is found all over the tree’s trunk and branches. Small teardrop-sized pieces of gum flow out, then they congregate to create larger clumps. It will initially seep out nearly jelly-like before eventually becoming as rigid as a rock.

Badam pisin is often only harvested in the fall from older sweet almond trees. Badam gum is only gathered from older trees because collecting it causes the tree to produce less leaves and blooms.

If the badam pisin is still new, you can simply remove it with your hands. Badam pisin is typically scraped off the tree branches with a sharp knife. Get the best health benefits of badam pisin and enjoy a healthy life.

Badam Pisin Common Names:

In Tamil, badam gum is known as badam pisin and is very well-known in Tamil Nadu. Although many people are unaware of its full range of health advantages, practically everyone has tasted it in the renowned beverage Jigarthanda. In Hindi, it is known as Badam Gondh while in English it is known as Almond Gum | Almond Resin.

Badam Pisin (Almond Gum) Nutritional Value:

Nearly 92.3% of badam pisin is made up of carbohydrates, 0.8% of it of fats, and 2.4% of it of proteins. It is abundant in minerals including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and iron.

How To Make Jelly to get amazing Health Benefits of Badam Pisin?

Making badam jelly at home is quite simple. Give badam pisin a 24-hour soak in a cup of water. One tiny piece makes a whole cup of jelly since it expands so well. Additionally, I’ve discovered that soaking it for 24 hours makes it perfectly soft and pliable. Nowadays, jelly is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and the majority of children adore artificial jelly. Both of my sister’s daughters adore jelly so much that if I ask them what they want before I go see them, they immediately say they want jelly.

The number of additional colors and flavorings in store-bought jelly is a problem. Too many artificial colors and flavorings are added by producers in an effort to grab kids’ attention. It is okay to occasionally consume them, but doing so frequently, as the majority of kids do, is bad for them. Why not instead introduce them to a natural jelly that has excellent health advantages?

Where To Buy Badam Pisin?

In all of Tamil Nadu’s department stores, badam pisin is readily available. From a department store close to our village, I purchased badam pisin. When kept dry, badam pisin keeps good for several months. Badam pisin can also be easily obtained through online stores.

health benefits of badam pisin

Health Benefits of Badam Pisin

1. Body Coolant:

In order to keep the body cool during the sweltering summers, badam pisin is a superb natural body coolant. This natural gum will help you get rid of excessive body heat if you suffer from it (red eyes and a burning sensation are a couple of the signs).

2. For Weight Loss & Weight Gain:

A fantastic food to include in a diet to lose weight is badam pisin. Badam pisin is incredibly filling and keeps one full for a very long period, which helps people consume fewer calories overall and lose weight. I would advise combining badam pisin with your preferred brand of skim milk if you want to use it to help with weight loss.

In order to the health benefits of Badam Pisin, some claim that badam pisin can aid in weight growth. By changing our metabolism, badam pisin does not aid with weight gain or loss on its own. However, it is full and depending on the additional components, it can be added to a diet for weight growth or loss.

It can be added to skim milk to aid in weight loss, and it can be added to foods high in calories to aid in weight gain. It is a good idea to incorporate it in our diets because it is really nutritive and an incredible antioxidant.

3. For Reducing Acidity:

Badam Pisin is a wonderful natural medicine for lowering acidity and preventing stomach ulcers because it is so soothing to the stomach. Mix coconut milk sweetened with jaggery with badam pisin jelly to make the cure. Additionally, coconut milk works wonders for lowering stomach acid and heartburn.

4. For Skin Care:

Badam Pisin is particularly beneficial for skin care because it contains both antibacterial and wound-healing characteristics. The study that backs up this assertion may be read here. External application of badam pisin to the skin offers cooling and therapeutic effects. Heat boils can be efficiently treated during the summer months by externally applying badam pisin jelly as a poultice.

5. Amazing Antioxidant:

Badam Pisin is a fantastic antioxidant that, when consistently ingested, aids in the battle against free radicals that hasten ageing. Badam pisin is a great substitute for jellies found in markets because it is likewise high in minerals and protein. In addition to being additive-free, badam pisin jelly is also less expensive than store-bought jelly and colorless.

6. Badam Pisin for Fertility

The ability to assist the body regain its strength is one of the advantages of badam pisin for females after giving birth. The nutritional value of badam pisin is excellent. It also aids in reviving the menstrual cycle as a result of the same.

7. Badam Pisin During Pregnancy

It strengthens the body and bones when added to a pregnant woman’s diet and is crucial for the development of the fetus inside the womb. Additionally, it aids in returning the menstrual cycle to normal after birth.

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Other Amazing Uses & Health Benefits of Badam Pisin

To extend the shelf life of tomatoes, add badam pisin. Almond gum helps tomatoes retain their firmness, color, and ascorbic acid content for a long period when they are covered with the gum.

Additionally, banana chips are coated in badam pisin while they are drying. When coated, banana slices significantly slow down the browning process and avoid cell oxidation.

Badam pisin is used to preserve meat since it has antimicrobial characteristics. Because of their excellent antimicrobial characteristics, oligosaccharides isolated and refined from badam pisin are used to preserve beef flesh.

Additionally commonly used in the pharmaceutical sector is badam pisin. In tablet formulations, it serves as a release retardant as well as a binder.

Badam Pisin Side Effects

Beside from the amazing health benefits of Badam Pisin, I advise drinking badam pisin in moderation because it can upset your stomach if you consume it in excess. If I eat too much badam pisin, I get unwell. Since there is no research to support its safety for pregnant women, I advise caution when taking badam pisin during pregnancy.

Can We Eat Badam Pisin Daily?

Yes. Because of its antioxidant qualities, one can consume it frequently based on their dietary needs and get all the health benefits of badam pisin.

Summing Up on Health Benefits of Badam Pisin 

Badam Pisin, which is used in a range of foods, ice creams, drinks, sherbets, and shakes, is renowned for its special medicinal benefits. It can even be used into Indian cuisine in novel ways to acquire all the health benefits of badam pisin. There are numerous amazing ways to enjoy this edible gum and take advantage of the many advantages of Badam Pesin.


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