9 Best Exercises For Period Cramps – How To Do Them Properly?

Best Exercises For Period Cramps
Best Exercises For Period Cramps

Getting your periods can be a nightmare, especially if you experience intense menstrual cramps during your monthly menstrual cycle. You just want to lie down on your bed with a hot water bag. During this period, our physical activity is low, but exercising is exactly what you should be doing. There is a number of best exercises for period cramps, yet exercise has been shown to help with a variety of symptoms related to your cycle. Here are some examples of common symptoms. –

  • Abdominal cramps 
  • Stomach upset – diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting 
  • Headache 
  • Bloating 
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability 
  • Fatigue 

According to research, these symptoms are caused by a variety of physical and hormonal changes in the female body. Proper exercise can help to balance these physical and hormonal changes, increase endorphin production (feel-good hormones), and reduce irritability and pain, all of which can improve your mood.

Benefits of Exercises For Period Cramps

Exercising during your period will not make the pain worse. On the contrary, the mental and physical benefits of a well-planned workout can be highly effective for relieving period pain. Here are some of the advantages of best Exercises For Period Cramps:

  1. Reduces PMS symptoms- One of the most prevalent symptoms of PMS is fatigue and soreness in the days leading up to your period. Regular aerobic exercise may help alleviate these symptoms.
  2. Endorphin release- Studies show that exercising helps release endorphins, which boosts your mood. Endorphins are also natural pain relievers that may aid with period discomfort.
  3. Gain increased strength and power- According to research, women in their first two weeks of menstruation can enjoy an increase in strength and power due to fewer female hormones.
  4. Mood can be improved- Whether or whether you are on your period, exercising can always help elevate your spirits.
  5. Fights period pains- It has been discovered that light walking can assist manage annoying period symptoms.

Best Exercises For Period Cramps

Due to abdominal cramps and excessive bleeding, the first few days of a period can be difficult. Exercise can be a lifeline for you during these trying times. Here are a few best exercises For Period Cramps to keep you fit and happy:

1: Walking 

During your periods, the greatest exercise is a modest, gentle walk. This low-intensity aerobic exercise improves the function of your lungs later in your cycle. So, put on your favorite sneakers and take a stroll or brisk walk around the neighborhood. These can also enable you to improve your mood and burn some calories. These gentle movements of your body will stimulate endorphin secretion.

Best Exercises For Period Cramps

2: Running 

Running, indeed! You can go running in the later days of your period or when you have minimal symptoms. Go for a slow run, taking short pauses in between if necessary. Running can rapidly relieve your pain and irritability. Keep oneself hydrated at all times.

3: Yoga 

Yoga, through stretching and breathing techniques, might help you relax if you’re in a bad mood. Many yoga poses help to enhance blood circulation and alleviate unpleasant ailments. Yoga has been clinically proven to help relax your body and relieve period symptoms such as cramps and bloating.

Best Exercises For Period Cramps
Safe PosesHow To Do
Cobra Pose– Lie face down with your feet and legs together- Push up without moving your legs- Hold the pose for several seconds (30-60) as long as you can handle- Take deep breaths while holding the pose- Lie flat when finished and breathe deeply- Repeat numerous times as needed.
Cat to Cow Pose– Get down on your hands and knees and support your weight with your hands shoulder-width apart. – Take a deep breath and push your tummy toward the ground (cat pose)- Gently exhale while stretching your back in the other direction and curving it inward (cow pose)- Repeat as many times as you can with calm, deep breaths
Fish Pose– Lay a pillow lengthwise on the floor. – Lie on the pillow with your head, neck, and back support – Maintain a comfortable distance between your arms and your torso. Lay in this position for as long as you can- If you have lower back pain, keep your knees up on flat feet.
Best Exercises For Period Cramps

4: Pilates 

Pilates is one the best exercises for period cramps is currently the most popular sort of workout. It assists in relaxing your body and keeping you calm and healthy. Pilate techniques target particular muscle regions, allowing you to personalize your workout to your specific needs. Pilate strengthens your core, which might lessen the severity of your cramps.

5: Light lifting 

If you are unable to go for a walk or to the gym, you can at least practice mild weight lifting at home. Try modest lifting and power-based routines to increase muscle flexibility and strength.

6: Stretching 

Stretching at home can be more useful than simply rolling on your bed. If other workouts cause you greater pain, try stretching and taking deep breaths to relax your body muscles.

7: Dancing 

Dancing is a joyful activity that can improve your mood while also burning calories. So, if you’re interested, sign up for a Zumba class.

8: Swimming 

Swimming, one of the best exercises for period cramps is a strange thought for many girls, but it is one of the most calming and mild workouts you can do when on your period. Because of the counter-pressure of water, you will not bleed out if your flow is light. Tampons can provide additional protection. Many experts believe that females will bleed less in cold water because the cold temporarily constricts blood vessels.

Best Exercises For Period Cramps

Exercises to avoid during periods 

Exercise should not place additional strain on your body during your periods because it can disrupt your cycle. So, there are some things you should avoid while on your period –

  • Exercises that are strenuous should be avoided.
  • Exercising over an extended period of time should be avoided.
  • Yoga inversion poses are not advised.
  • Don’t make your body work out. Pay attention to your body.

Regular exercise is incredibly good for both your health and your mind. Unless you have significant symptoms, there is no scientific need to skip your usual workout during your period. Many doctors will advise you to exercise to help your body during this period. So, pay attention to your body and practice some light activities to relax both your body and mind.

When to stop – Exercises For Period Cramps

While exercise can undoubtedly bring the aforementioned benefits, going too far can have an equal, if not greater, negative impact.

Excessive Exercises For Period Cramps can cause you to skip your periods entirely. If this occurs, it is important to visit your doctor and reduce your strenuous workout regimen. In fact, a regular menstrual cycle is an indication of excellent health.


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